The story of La Vecindad is a narrative of passion for authentic Mexican cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere that invites diners to feel at home. Founded in September 2016 by Raúl Martínez who is originally from Toluca, Mexico and by his wife, Vanessa Barreat from Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. They started in a food stand at a local swap meet in Las Vegas, where there were only 4 workers, including the owners. Without inheritances and without money, working full-time jobs and dedicating weekends to the food stand, they began this path of entrepreneurship. Two years later, thanks to the support of the community, they managed to open their first official location in a shopping center. At the time it was a forgotten place, but the rent was very affordable. The restaurant was born from the idea of sharing the culinary richness and warmth of Mexican culture with the Las Vegas community.

A Humble Beginning of LA VECINDAD

In the beginning they were called Pico de Gallo, but in 2020 they received a letter from a wine company in California, Gallo’s Winery, notifying that they would be monitoring them, since the name was part of their brand. Pico de Gallo’s name also belonged to a restaurant in San Antonio since 1983. For this reason they decided to change their name—since the restaurant was decorated like a Mexican neighborhood and it turned out to be available at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, USPTO, they managed to register LA VECINDAD® and they kept Pico de Gallo as a subtitle in honor of its beginnings.

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The concept of La Vecindad Pico de Gallo is inspired by the traditional neighborhoods of Mexico, where neighbors get to know each other and share moments of joy around a good meal. With this vision in mind, Raul and Vanessa aim to create a space that captures the essence of Mexican community life. Since its opening, the restaurant has stood out for its commitment to quality and authenticity in every dish it serves. The chefs at La Vecindad Pico de Gallo take pride in using fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to offer guests a truly memorable dining experience.
From day one, Vanessa dedicated herself to venturing into social networks, since it was the only means they had to make themselves known. In 2019, Facebook invites her to be part of Meta Business Leaders Network, where she receives the necessary preparation and support to build her business.

Our Origin Story

In 2020, the restaurant was beginning to get back on its feet and was immediately hit by COVID, which is why it was forced to close its doors for more than two months. Without knowing if they would be able to reopen, the owners together with their children continue working on the design of their restaurant. It is worth mentioning that the decoration, the painting, and every detail was created by its owners. By receiving support from the government, the reopening was possible and in the midst of the pandemic, magic happens. A sea of people waiting to enter La Vecindad. Which is why they were forced to rent the suite that was available on one side to expand their location and with only 10 employees they had to hire double the staff to be able to supply the demand. It is worth mentioning that all this was achieved without selling alcohol. Only in 2022 did they acquire this license.
La Vecindad has been recognized for 4 consecutive years with The Best of Las Vegas and even had the privilege of being part of a Food Network episode on Cooking Channel, Food Paradise’s “Get in my Deli.” It was even one of the more than 200 small businesses that were Official Suppliers of Superbowl LVIII held this year in Las Vegas.